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Quest of the Swords: Swords of Blood

List price: $9.95

Kindle Edition: $5.95

Author: Jennifer L. Stone
Published July 2011

Stormi Claver is a seventeen-year-old girl living in a land driven by prejudice and fear. When Stormi is captured by Rylan, the rogue Finin prince, she fears her death is near, for their clans share a common curse – to war with one another until none remain.

Her fear heightens when she learns Rylan is taking her to the Temple of the Swords – home of the evil Goddess that cursed their clans; a place where no Claver has ever left alive.

Stormi knows her brother, Gideon, pursues her rescue, but her captor continues to evade him. While the desire to kill one another burns strong in Stormi and Rylan, they find themselves working together toward a common goal – to retrieve their clan swords from the temple and break the curse that is devastating their people.

Gideon is forced to abandon Stormi’s rescue when he learns the Finins are plotting a war against the Claver’s homeland of Malinna.

With war at hand and the curse consuming their clans, Stormi and Rylan must battle friend and foe to defeat the curse while Gideon, aided by a mysterious, dark ally, raises an army to battle the blood-thirsty Finin forces that have set out to annihilate the Clavers.

Young adult readers will be swept away to a world of dark secrets and vengeance, where the triumph of good over evil lies within the hands – and heart – of a young, captive girl.

“Quest of the Swords: Swords of Blood” tells a story about finding the strength to love and trust in the face of hatred and war; about the power of the human spirit to defy the destiny thrust upon it. With open hearts and minds, and a dash of courage, even the most difficult of circumstances can be overcome.

The Sundancer

List Price: $11.95

Author: Ben Joy
Published September 2010

The Sundancer is a wonderful story about a boy whose job is to make the sun rise every day. But he doesn’t yell or poke at the sun to make it rise, Instead, the boy dances!

This story encourages kids to express themselves in creative ways and teaches them that everyone has an important role to fulfill in their community.


My Weird Family Series: My Vampire Cousin, 2nd edition

List Price: $8.95

Author: J. K. Hawkins
Published March 2009

Alice Trivett thought she didn’t have a family. Her mother told her it was just the two of them – that the rest of her relatives were dead. She just forgot to mention they are the living dead…
In My Weird Family Series: My Vampire Cousin, clever and lovable little Alice just can’t escape her kooky family. Join her as she meets the family she never knew she had and discovers a world of monsters she never knew existed. *Updated edition*