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Here at Lily Ruth Publishing we believe that literature for and about children should be, above all, fun. Strong stories from authors with unique voices and blog posts about children psychology  are what make reading entertaining and exciting.

New Arrival….

The Best Basketball Player Ever by Heather Payer-Smith.

Tommy is the best basketball player when playing his video games. He wins every time!

However, when his mother tells him to go outside and play he finds that playing with the real basketball doesn’t come so easy for him. He can’t dribble, pass or even shoot! To make
matters worse the neighborhood kids laugh at his attempts.

He decides to give up and only play video games, until his mother challenges him to keep practicing. Before long, he finds himself improving and on his way to becoming the best basketball player ever!

Featured Title….

The Sundancer by Ben Joy.

The Sundancer is a wonderful story about a boy whose job is to make the sun
rise every day. But he doesn’t yell or poke at the sun to make it rise, Instead, the boy dances!

This story encourages kids to express themselves in creative ways and teaches
them that everyone has an important role to fulfill in their community.