Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact Lily Ruth Publishing?
A: For general questions or comments, you can reach Lily Ruth Publishing by emailing your request through the Contact Us form located on the above tab.

Q: How can I get my book published?
A: We can offer the following advice on how to go about getting your book published.

A great place to start is your local library where you’ll find a wealth of information on writers groups and plenty of books on writing and the publishing process.

When you feel your manuscript is ready for publishing, you may want to consider getting a Literary Agent. Agents can advise you on your book and will know which publisher is best suited to print your work. There are a lot of publishing companies that do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. An agent will be able to represent you and your book to these publishers. Most importantly, a good agent will be an author advocate, making sure that you get the best deal possible for your book.

If you prefer to submit to publishers yourself, we strongly recommend taking the time to research the market and what each publishing company is looking for. Refer to publisher websites; review their book lists to see if your book fits their current marketing goals. Look at the submission guidelines and follow them closely. Editors are often flooded with submissions, and more
often than not, if a submission crosses their desk that does not meet the submission guidelines, it will end up in the recycling bin without a second glance. Take your time putting together your query, synopsis and other requested materials. Your submission packet is the first impression an editor has of you as an author. Be neat, be precise and be professional.

Q: Do I need to hire an editor before I submit my book to agents or publishers?
A: This is a very gray area. You want your manuscript to be at its best when you take the first step to find an agent or publisher.
If you struggle with grammar and/or spelling, it may be to your advantage to find someone who can offer you editing services at a fair and reasonable price.

Rest assure, though, that if you have a well assembled manuscript and are confident that you have put your best work into your book, an agent or publisher will work with you to polish any rough spots.

Q: What is an unsolicited manuscript?
A: An unsolicited manuscript is one that has not been requested by the agent or editor. If you submit an unsolicited manuscript to and agent or editor who does not accept them, it will not be reviewed or considered.

One way to get past the “unsolicited manuscript” barrier is to send a brief query letter asking if you can submit the manuscript or sample chapters for review. If they are interested, they will request your materials and it will no longer be unsolicited.

FOR MIDDLE GRADE AND YOUNG ADULT BOOKS: Lily Ruth Publishing is a publisher of children’s fiction with an interest in growing our category selection. We will consider humor, action/adventure, fantasy, historical and romance provided it is wholesome and appropriate for children. Keep in mind that we won’t accept any materials containing obscene language or themes.

All material submitted for consideration by Lily Ruth Publishing should be double-spaced. The publisher would prefer only the first three chapters and query letter or brief synopsis be sent to the email listed above. (See picture book guidelines below) Please remember to include you name, contact information, the title of your story and word count in the body of your email.

FOR CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS/EARLY READERS: Submissions are open for children’s picture books intended for children ages 2-6 years old. For children’s picture books please submit the complete manuscript along with your contact information and brief bio.

Illustrations are not necessary. Lily Ruth Publishing reserves the right to assign an illustrator to any manuscript as deemed appropriate. However, if you have illustrations for your manuscript, please feel free to submit 3-5 samples for consideration.

We appreciate your interest in Lily Ruth Publishing.

Q. Are you accepting illustrator submissions?
A. Yes! Our Illustrator Submission Guidelines are as follows:

Lily Ruth Publishing is seeking illustrators for upcoming projects. We are looking for illustrators who can design supporting artwork for book manuscripts, as well as front/back cover illustrations and promotional material. Quick turn-around time is a must. Payment will be made on a per project basis as outlined in our illustrator contract. Pay will be discussed with candidates who
are contacted by Lily Ruth Publishing for possible contract.

Q: How can I contact an author?
A: We cannot give out personal mail or email addresses for our authors. However, we are happy to forward your
letters directly to our authors.