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About Lily Ruth Publishing

In today’s publishing climate it’s safe to say that authors know, or have the ability to know, almost everything about creating, marketing and distributing books. There are few industry secrets left that haven’t been exploited by small presses and individual (or self) publishers. Personally, I feel this is a good thing as it is transforming the market toward a more author-friendly landscape,
but with these changes comes added responsibilities for authors. Getting a title in front of buyers is more difficult and time consuming than ever.

As the landscape of the book world changes, Lily Ruth Publishing strives to stay abreast of the lasting innovations that come about. We are constantly re-thinking books, and how best to bring them to readers. While it is safe to say that we have actively pursued traditional publishing models in the past, we are anything but traditional.

While I admit our business model won’t suit everyone, we welcome all quality submissions and look forward to working with authors as dedicated to books as us. Please see our Q&A section below for more information regarding our publishing policies.

Questions and Answers

Question: How is Lily Ruth Publishing different from other book publishers?
Answer: We are opening our mindset to print-on-demand (POD) options and a greater focus on ebook publishing.

There are many reasons that large print runs don’t work for small presses such as Lily Ruth Publishing, and while physical books still account for a large part of the market, we feel that ebooks are gaining ground in the publishing world and want to be a front-runner in offering ALL of our titles to ebook readers.

Having said that, we are able to provide distribution of physical copies of each book through such companies as Baker & Taylor and Ingram utilizing the services of our POD provider.

Question: What marketing do you do for each title you publish?
Answer: Our basic marketing includes announcing upcoming titles to reviewers, newspapers, and social media sites, organizing book giveaways and making copies available for individual reviewers. We look for effective ways to utilize paid marketing, and also coach our authors on effective social marketing, and strongly encourage them to participate in gaining further recognition for their book(s).

What we offer at Lily Ruth Publishing for our authors is a network between publisher and author where we work together for the success of each title. Most writers aren’t prepared to jump right in and market their title all alone. I personally work with each our authors because I want to see each one succeed in their goals. I keep them up-to-date through every phase of the process, and I’m
always just a email or phone call away.

Question: If Lily Ruth Publishing offers me a contract, how long will it take to see my book in print?
Answer: Our contracts typically allow up to 2 years for completion of the publishing process. However, I like to aim for 6 to 9 months, assuming the manuscript doesn’t need extensive editing.

Question: Will my book be available in a physical format?
Answer: Yes. Each title we publish is available in a physical format and are easily ordered through our website or online at Amazon.com. Select titles are available for order through Baker & Taylor and Ingram.

Question: How do I know if my titles are available through distributors such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram?
Answer: Titles published within the current year are made available to distributors (Baker & Taylor and Ingram, in particular) utilizing the
services of our POD provider. Titles may be removed from the program after a year at the publisher’s discretion.

Question: Will my book be available as an ebook?
Answer: Lily Ruth Publishing titles are made available as ebooks and made available to a variety of ereaders, including Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Apple iBookstore, and others. Please note, at this time we are unable to make picture books available as ebooks.