Reasons Why Education for Girls All Over the Globe Is Essential

Education is the way in which we get to comprehend life and our environment and acquire the necessary skills to interact with nature, reality and other people.

Girls are striving to learn as much as possible make their life and survival much more comfortable.

Quality and universal education to young girls is paramount. Grown-up girls who are educated can play a very vital role in the development of the country. The progress and sustainability of women across the globe. The future will be shaped by girls who go to school and women who with access to education. Female education is a silver bullet to progress and empowerment.

There is a huge disparity and inequality when it comes to female educational opportunities. The world has been trying to restrict girls from acquiring education, clips their wings and diminishes their visions.

To understand the essence of global female education, here are the top 5 reasons :

  • Increased literacy and future educated generations

63% of the 163 million youth who are illiterate are female. Offering education to all children will improve literacy rates. This will make struggling regions to benefit from development, and the literacy levels will go up.

If we educate a girl, it is usually said that we educate a family and subsequently a whole nation. A girl is far more likely to make sure her children get an education by sending her to school. It should always be remembered investment in a girl’s education is an investment in the country.

With the focus on gender-sensitive – curricula, inclusive learning environments for young girls and women is part of the agenda of ensuring future generation are well equipped with educated.


  • Thriving Economy and Income potential

Education of girls boosts their income potential. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, one of primary education has been estimated to indirectly cause an increase in girls’ wages in their working life by up to 20%.

The economy generally improves when girls have educational opportunities. When about 10% women acquire education, the gross domestic product of a nation goes up.

Girls’ education equally promotes strategic development. Educated women earn higher incomes. This consequently improves their income potential and pulls many families out of poverty.  Consequently, the economy grows exponentially.

UNESCO estimates that 130 million girls globally, especially in Sub Saharan Africa might never see the doors of a classroom. Imagine what would be the net effect if these young ladies were to have access to education. The poverty will reduce. Low-income earners will achieve incredible economic transformation as a result.

  • Improves social, economic growth and equality

Educated women usually have a better chance of leading more productive and healthier lives and escaping poverty. They can serve the society as administrators, teachers, lawyers, doctors,  engineers, managers among others.

The joys of learning, reading, and writing open up a lady’s social awareness. They become more independent and socially conscious of their stakes in economic growth.

Education empowers women to take control of their lives and their families. Working towards gender equality involves according to educational opportunities for young girls and even women. Doing away with impediments that inhibit the ability of women to operate in an environment that promotes equality and sustainable social and economic growth is very important.


  • Decreased Child Marriage and Violence

Many illiterate women have always been ill-treated and deprived of their fundamental right to personal liberty and life. Educated women are less likely to be victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Child marriage cases involving girls who are as young as 8 or even ten years have ended up with the girls dropping out of the education system . The possibility of the girl returning to school ends there. The result is an influx of young mothers who are illiterate and lack the requisite tools to build healthy, educated families.

Educated girls are likely to marry much later especially when they can bear and care for their children. No older men are expected to take advantage of them.

Most child marriages and forced marriages are in the rural areas because of poverty. Educating these families will save them from such cruelties.

Young girls in countries like Sierra Leone are vulnerable to sexual abuse when they aren’t protected within the education system. It gets worse when it dawns on them that they might never realize their dreams.

Violence has hugely negative impacts on young girls. In Haiti, an estimated one in every three women are victims of sexual or physical abuse. This inhibits their access to education. Their security and health are curtailed. They lack a safe environment for learning.

Conclusively, it is essential that we provide girls and women with education. The society stands to benefit a lot from an educated female population.


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